Communist Party of Britain

Now we have post-Brexit opportunities although determination of LibDems and Greens (and many on Welsh Labour) to defend EU policies and reverse Brexit means these are not being fought for. As a direct result of Brexit, at least 70 new decision-making powers are due to come to the Senedd directly from Brussels. They cover such important areas as transport, energy, water resources, agriculture, the environment, climate change, public procurement contracts, equal rights at work, biodiversity, animal welfare, waste management, food regulation, medical standards and elections. These powers are spelt out in the Revised Framework Analysis (2019) published by the Cabinet Office. But instead of informing the people of Wales about them, or fighting for them to come to Wales in full, and working out how they can be used to benefit the people of Wales, most parties in the Senedd have spent the past five years campaigning for them to…

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