World Federation of Trade Unions

The General Federation of Trade Unions in Syria condemns the criminal and barbaric acts and assaults carried out by a group of barbaric mobs against Syrian workers and citizens as they have headed today to the Syrian embassy in Beirut to vote for the Syrian presidential elections, which resulted in the injury of dozens of them. This attack and the described crime against workers and Syrian citizens in Lebanon while they are fulfilling their duty to vote in the presidential elections, which was documented by television screens, is only carried out by the “neo-Nazis” and those with known criminal tendencies and their leaders’ tendencies polluted with Lebanese, Palestinian and Syrian people blood,. . These attacks have not and will not discourage the Syrian workers residing in Lebanon and other Syrians residing there from continuing to flock to the headquarters of the embassy and cast their votes in the presidential elections,…

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Statement of the General Federation of Trade Unions in the Syrian Arab Republic on the attacks on Syrian workers and citizens in Lebanon.