Young Communist League Canada

Central executive committee, 16 May 2021 The insolvency of a public institution is a manufactured crisis by the ruling class. The company creditor arrangement and bankruptcy process in Canada is a tool to ensure that the big banks are paid off first while pensions and jobs are slashed. The Ontario Superior Court of Justice ruling states Laurentian University, the third largest employer in Sudbury, can “permanently or temporarily cease, downsize or shut down any of its business or operations” and “terminate the employment of such of its employees or temporarily lay off such of its employees as they deem appropriate”.  We have seen many insolvencies and bankruptcies in the private sector trample collective bargaining with mass layoffs. Now the ruling class turns their weapon to the public sector, which has a higher union density and provides essential social services. This is a dangerous development against all working people in Canada.…

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Stop the Insolvency! YCL-LJC Stands in Solidarity with Laurentian Students and Workers