Communist Party of Israel

Every year on May 9, the anniversary of Nazi Germany’s surrender to the Soviet Union in 1945, the Communist Party of Israel (CPI) marks the defeat of the Nazi forces at the hands of the Red Army. This year, communists and Hadash activists will hold the annual commemoration of this historic event today (Saturday, May 8), in the Red Army Forest near Jerusalem. Last year the commemoration was held in accordance with strict Heath Ministry protocols, in contrast to previous years in which hundreds of members of the CPI, Hadash and numerous Red Army veterans attended the event. CPI General Secretary Adel Amer addresses those attending last year’s commemoration of the Victory Day celebration in the Red Army Forest near Jerusalem. (Photo: Zo Haderech) Towards the 76th anniversary of the Nazi surrender, the CPI has issued a call to the public to participate in the Victory Day celebration in the…

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Today, CPI Celebration of Victory over Nazis in Red Army Forest