World Federation of Trade Unions

USB supports the Colombian people on general strike since last Friday against the planned tax reform of the right-wing government of Iván Duque that hits hard the population and the poorer classes, increasing VAT and taxes on low and middle incomes. On Saturday Duque had decreed the militarization of the cities, with the military and police ready to use weapons against protesters prologue to the terrible balance that yesterday spoke of 27 dead, many injured, over 700 arrested. The protests, however, have not stopped and continue with marches and massive mobilizations, despite the fact that the reform has been withdrawn and Duque a few hours ago announced the appointment of a new Finance Minister to replace Alberto Carrasquilla, who resigned because of the protests. The USB stands by the people and workers of Colombia in their ongoing struggle against poverty, repression and capitalist exploitation. Your struggle is our struggle

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USB supports the Colombian people