Communist Party USA

  A popular bumper sticker reads: “No Farms, No Food.” A similar notion was expressed by Lem Harris in his weekly column in the Daily Worker, now the People’s World, titled, “If You Eat, You’re Involved in Agriculture.” As a folk song puts it, “farmers live on credit till the fall” and “If you’ll only look and see I am sure that you’ll agree that the farmer is the one who feeds us all.” Once numbering 7 million, there are only about 2 million farms left in the U.S. Each farmer produces enough food to feed 166 people (in 1960, each farmer produced enough food to feed 26 people). The U.S. Department of Agriculture lumps Forestry, Fishing, Textile, and Food Service together with farm production. In total, this sector of the economy added $1 trillion to the gross domestic product in 2016. And that does not include other rural-based industries:…

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