PAME Greece

PAME calls everyone in the struggle against the barbaric bill of the Greek Government with new date for the National General Strike on June 10. The Government’s aims at the heart of workers’ rights, the 8hour day, the collective trade union action, the union, the right to strike. The militant action of the past months, the initiatives of the class unions have helped to reveal the contents of the bill. We have responded to the huge lies and the propaganda of the Government. Their plan to impose the bill without reactions has failed. The tactics of their puppet within the unions, the GSEE (member of ETUC in Greece) which calls for adoption of the “positive aspects” of the bill calling for its “improvement” and their attempts to cultivate confusion will not succeed. PAME has called for Massive and militant workers’ demonstrations all over Greece on June 3 ON JUNE 10…

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Greece National General Strike on June 10