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  Peru: Communists rally to protect the vote On June 16, Peru’s two major communist parties, the Peruvian Communist Party (Partido Comunista Peruano) and the Communist Party of Peru–Red Homeland (Partido Comunista del Peru-Patria Roja), joined worker and peasant organizations for mass rallies in Lima and elsewhere under the slogan “Protect the Vote.” In the first round of the presidential election held on April 11, the two communist parties had supported left-of-center candidate Veronika Mendoza. But in the runoff on June 6 between leftist schoolteacher Pedro Castillo and Keiko Fujimori, the far-right daughter of the former dictator Alberto Fujimori, the communists firmly backed Castillo. Castillo won a narrow victory, based on massive support from poor indigenous farmers in the southern part of the country. Fujimori, however, is claiming fraud, despite unanimous reports by international observers that the election was clean and fair. Worries are rising not only in Peru but…

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International Notes: Peruvian communists rally to protect the vote