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  The Republican counter proposal to Biden’s $1.7 trillion dollar infrastructure plan threw a wrench into the previous Democratic plan to vote most of the plan through the Senate using a simple majority vote, made possible under complicated Senate “reconciliation” rules. Even under such rules, the vacillations of West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin make the reconciliation path uncertain. The Republican effort is intended to derail all the “social infrastructure” components, as well as any policy that would consider health, education, R&D, or environmental deficits as infrastructure. Now the plan has collapsed. Biden has dropped it for falling far short in both funding and scale. Further, Manchin has claimed he will oppose filibuster reform. If he holds to that position, a two-thirds’ majority vote in the Senate will be required for anything Republicans do not like. This will effectively kill any chance of near-time passage of the PRO Act, any “social”…

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Is Biden’s infrastructure plan in trouble?