World Federation of Trade Unions

An important  National Workshop on  “Strategies and Tactics Against the Omnibus Law Cipta Kerja of the confederation of KASBI, an affiliate of the World Federation of Trade Unions in Indonesia took place on 23-25 June 2021with the participation of  80 participants from various regions of  Indonesia. The workshop goals: Obtaining information from several sources about the future resistance of Omnibus Law. Using the workshop agenda for the new steps of the labor movement and its struggle, both at the factory level and on the wider or national level. Hopefully, this workshop agenda will serve as a new chapter for community organizing and fight against omnibus law in the midst of the dimming issue of refusing omnibus law at the regional and national level. The formulation of strategies and tactics for the struggle against the Omnibus Law legally, constitutionally, politically, and with mass movements that can be implemented at national and…

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KASBI National Workshop on “Strategies and Tactics Against the Omnibus Law Cipta Kerja!”