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  The land, raw materials, markets, and labor of the peoples of Latin America have long been a major target for U.S. expansion and imperialism. This Marxist IQ is dedicated to the ongoing struggles of the working classes of Latin America. 1. In the United States, Marxists see Latinos/Latinas/Latinx in the U.S. as a. a nationality group. b. a “race.” c. a minority people from various Spanish and Portuguese ethnic backgrounds. d. a nation that should have the right of self-determination.   2. Like African Americans and other people of color, Latinos face a. institutional racism. b. police brutality. c. de facto segregation in employment and housing. d. all of the above.   3. Latinos have been prominent in the struggles of the Communist movement in the United States. Which of the following was not a prominent CPUSA activist? a. Juan Chacona b. Jesús Colón c. Ted Cruz d. Emma…

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