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Yesterday, on June 1, within the framework of the Angels Campaign, in seven foreign countries there were held events dedicated to the memory of the children killed during the armed conflict in Donbass, the press office of the DPR Foreign Affairs Ministry reports. “Our like-minded people from France, Germany, Greece, Belgium, Sweden, the USA and Pakistan expressed their support for the Donbass residents. Some of them launched balloons and paper lanterns into the sky; some lit memory candles or recorded a video as a sign of solidarity; others expressed their respect by visiting the graves of Soviet soldiers who died for their Fatherland during the First World War and the Great Patriotic War. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its sincere gratitude to all our foreign friends for being concerned and supporting the action to honor the memory of the innocent Donbass children,” a statement by the foreign ministry reads. On…

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Representatives of foreign countries took part in the Angels Campaign