South African Communist Party

27 May 2021 The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Western Cape congratulates Nehawu in the province for holding a successful 16th Provincial Congress under the theme “Strengthen workplace organisation, deepen class consciousness and advance internationalism”. We are confident that the collective leadership is equal to the revolutionary task and that it will mobilise and lead workers across all workplaces where it organises to confront the immediate threat facing our revolution, neo-liberalism, austerity and the corrupt parasitic self-styled RET tendency. Together with Nehawu and Cosatu, the Party in the province will be on the ground fighting for salary increases of all workers across the sectors of the economy. We therefore call upon the government to honour the binding collective agreement and further give public sector unions their legitimate salary increases or face the full might of the working class. The SACP Western Cape further commend Nehawu Provincial Congress for…

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SACP Western Cape statement on the successful 16th Provincial Congress of Nehawu in the Western Cape