Young Communist League Canada

YCL-LJC Central Executive Committee, 31 May 2021 The Young Communist League of Canada – Ligue de la jeunesse communiste du Canada mourns the 215 children found at Kamloops Indian Residential School and calls for the Canadian state to end its genocide of Indigenous people and begin reconciliation now. The discovery of 215 undocumented children’s bodies at the site of a former residential school (closed only in 1978) is devastating. It, however, comes as no surprise. Until only a handful of years ago, the residential school system in Canada abused, traumatized, and even killed children, stripping seven generations of survivors and victims of their cultures, their languages, their families, and their identities and self-conceptions as Indigenous people. The residential school system, operated by the colonial British Crown, the Canadian state, Canadian churches, and other accomplices had a sexual, physical, and mental abuse rate of nearly 100%, and mortality rates of up…

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Young Communists Call for Real Reconciliation: We Mourn the Discovery of the 215 Children