South African Communist Party

15 July 2021 The South African Communist Party (SACP) in Gauteng earlier this week, held an urgent online Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) meeting following the escalation of counter revolutionary acts of violence, vandalism and looting in the province. The PEC received a report from the ANC-headed Provincial Alliance Political Council as well as reports from all its five Districts (Vaal, Tshwane, Johannesburg, Ekurhuleni and West Rand). The meeting welcomed the decisions of the political alliance to coordinate and mobilise communities to defend public infrastructure. Notwithstanding the well documented socio-economic challenges in our country, the PEC unanimously resolved to condemn the ongoing violence and looting in the strongest possible terms. As the SACP in Gauteng, we regard these as acts of criminality and economic sabotage as part of a well-coordinated counter revolution. It is on this basis that as the SACP we urge all the people of Gauteng to condemn the…

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