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An important seminar on the ” Issues of Nepalese Migrant workers ” has successfully organized by the WFTU Co-ordination committee Nepal on the 26 June 2021 in Kathmandu with a wide range of participation of eminent personalities and Trade Unions throwing more light on the visible as well as invisible issues concerning the migrant workers. The Theme paper and the conclusions of the seminar deal with the various aspects, covering the most important issues on the subject. The WFTU has been involved in the protection of migrants and migrant labour for several years in different parts of the world. Labour immigrant issues have been periodically highlighted and acted upon. Migrant workers face many challenges in the sending as well as receiving countries. The capitalists’ system is the root cause of the unequal developments and throws out migrants in several countries which should be tackled for appropriate remedial measures. Their legitimate…

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Seminar of WFTU CC Nepal on the ” Issues of Nepalese Migrant workers”