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In recent days serious riots have been taking place in several parts of South Africa in the context of the arrest of former president Jacob Zuma. The riots have resulted in the deaths of more than a hundred people and the destruction of streets and commercial areas. In view of this situation, LAB wants to say the following: We send all our solidarity to the South African people who are suffering the violence and especially to the trade union central COSATU. At the same time we express our full support for its struggle in defence of the interests of the working class and popular sectors. Behind these riots are those sectors that, taking advantage of the difficult socio-economic situation in South Africa, are trying to provoke chaos in the country. However, this cannot cover up the country’s complicated socio-economic situation, which has been further aggravated during the Covid-19 pandemic. South…

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Solidarity of LAB trade union in the face of the riots of the last few days in South Africa