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We do not welcome and do not see the possibility of changing the Normandy format in any form, also in the form of including the United States in its composition, however, as an exception, we admit their one-time participation on a parity basis with the LDPR. We do not just admit, but even came up with such an initiative, unlike Ukraine, not using only empty statements, DPR Plenipotentiary and Foreign Minister stated such a position. “We believe that through such negotiations, we could convey to the United States truthful information about what is really happening in Donbass, why the Minsk process is blocked, what difficulties our side faces during the negotiations. We would like to note that the option we proposed for a one-time meeting of political advisers in the Normandy format without any “modernization” with the participation of representatives of the United States and the Republics could give a good…

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We support any ideas that can breathe life into the Minsk agreements – Natalia Nikonorova