World Federation of Trade Unions

The World Federation of Trade Unions strongly condemns the unacceptable, brutal, and anti-democratic attack of the right of protest and the arrest of comrade Mahinda Jayasinghe, Vice President of the WFTU sectoral organization of teachers (FISE). Comrade Mahinda Jayasinghe has been arrested by the police due to his participation in today’s protest against the destruction of the Muthurajawela wetland endangering the lives of the people. The international class-oriented trade union movement demands the immediate and unconditional release of its cadre who was arrested merely because he struggles in favor of the interest of the popular strata in the western province and the whole country.  The violation of democratic and trade union rights will never be tolerated. The Secretariat

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WFTU condemnation statement for the arrest of its cadre Mahinda Jayasinghe in Sri Lanka