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Head of the Donetsk People”s Republic Denis Pushilin has stated that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s words about Russians and Donbass represent “indisputable evidence of the Ukrainian authorities’ incompetence.” He said this in a commentary to RIA Novosti Krym. Earlier, Vladimir Zelensky declared that Crimea and Donbass “will never be Russian territory” and suggested that residents of the peninsula and the people’s republics should seek their place in Russia. The DPR Head noted that Vladimir Zelensky had first promised to “return Crimea”, then to “end the war”, and now he was urging Donbass residents to “seek a place for themselves in Russia.” “In other words, millions of citizens of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, for whom Donbass has been and will remain Russian, should leave their homes and flee? Because of the absurdity of staying in Ukraine for many years? Because someone wanted them to in the country that kills elderly people and children under the guise of an anti-terrorist operation? These are not just absurd statements, but undeniable evidence of the incompetence of the incumbent Ukrainian authorities,” the Head of the DPR stressed. He reminded that there are now more than 600 thousand Russian citizens permanently living in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. “And this figure is growing on a daily basis. Donbass is enhancing interaction with Russian regions every day, integrating into Russia’s political system, advancing its economy and industry. We are building our future through the help of friendly countries, despite all the difficulties, despite the Ukrainian shelling and blockade,” Denis Pushilin said. He added that Donbass had decided to secede from Ukraine because of its Russophobic policy and violent Ukrainianization. Translated from the sourceThe post Denis Pushilin responds to Zelensky’s statement regarding Donbass and Russians first appeared on DPR Official site.

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Denis Pushilin responds to Zelensky’s statement regarding Donbass and Russians