World Federation of Trade Unions

Yesterday, Free Trade Union “Struggle” (polish section of World Federation of Trade Unions) structures in company Azoty “Koltar” Group (Pulawy branch) organized 2 hours warning strike in Pulawy. For two hours majority of rail transport was ceased. In strike participated vast majority of workers working on daily duty. We have been forced to make this move due to lack of progress in negotiations with company. Talks are ongoing from february. All other unions agreed that there will be no pay rises but we stand all the time at demand of pay rise for 250 zloty to each worker (around 55 euro or 65 us dollars). The times are tough and costs of living are rising so we think that pay rises to workers that work day and night on responsible positions in railway fully deserve it. We won’t stop struggle for securing working people interests. We want to thank to all participants, money they would be cut for participation in strike will be compensanted from union budget. We thank local medias for press coverage of the event. We also thank World Federation of Trade Unions for supporting our struggle and send warm greetings to all working people of the World.

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