World Federation of Trade Unions

The Joint Platform of Central Trade Unions (CTUs), Independent Federations and Associations had appealed to the toiling people of the country to observe 9th August, 2021 as “SAVE INDIA DAY” and they responded magnificently in spite of the lockdown restrictions in several areas. The day was observed at more than a lakh locations throughout the country in various ways such as processions, demonstrations, dharnas, picketing, at lunch hour protests, badge wearing, slogan raising etc.. Some places workers and farmers jointly organized protest. It is to be noted that the trade unions had observed 09th August as Save India Day in 2020 also. This call was necessitated due to the bitter experience of the BJP led NDA Government at the Centre since May 2014 – its policies are anti-worker, anti-people and even anti-national. In its second term since May, 2019, the record of this Government, with brute majority in Parliament, is even worse. It is quite clear that this government at the centre has no qualms in sacrificing the interests of workers, farmers and all toiling and common people of the country for the benefit of the Corporates. Throughout these seven years of present regime’s rule, the toiling people faced increasing unemployment (especially women) along with loss of employment and earning having been pushed in to the situation of intensified hunger, increasing prices, lack of any social security, so much so that when the Covid pandemic struck, huge number of people died without basic medical attendance. The Government, at centre instead of protecting our toiling people, used restrictions on them – harshest in the world – to pass laws against them and in favour of the corporates. 3 Farm Laws and Four Labour Codes do precisely that and similar onslaughts are continuing in various forms. As a result of these policies, the toiling people were anxious where their next meal is going to come from while Ambanis, Adanis and other corporate minted huge fortune and a few of them are reported to have earned Rs.2 Cr every minute of the pandemic period! 140 billionaires earned 12.94 lakh crores during March 2020 to 2021. It kept insisting on privatising every government establishment (Manufacturing: BPCL, Ordnance Factories, Steel; Power: Coal, Electricity; Services: Railways, Air India, Airports; Financial Sector: Banks, LIC, GIC; Agriculture and Warehousing). The Government is not responding to investigation in Pegasus Spyware but using the logjam in passing anti-people bills, using its brute majority. In this ongoing parliament session Essential Defense Services Bill is adopted, disinvestment/sale of Insurance Companies has been decided. In Delhi the state unions gathered for protest at Mandi House to march to Parliament. They were disallowed to march, so they held their protest and meeting there itself. Those present and those who addressed the gathering included Amarjeet Kaur, General Secretary AITUC, Harbhajan Singh, General Secretary HMS, Tapan Sen, General Secretary CITU, Rajiv Dimri, General Secretary AICCTU, Ashok Ghosh, General Secretary UTUC, JP Singh, President Delhi LPF, Anurag CITU, Santosh MEC, Srinath ICTU, Dhirendra Sharma AITUC among others.   The demands of this all India protest day included: Scrap anti-worker Labour Codes and anti-people Farm Laws and Electricity Amendment Bill. Address loss of jobs and livelihood issue, create more jobs, enforce ban on retrenchment and wage-cuts in industries/services/establishments during lockdown or otherwise. Fill up the vacant sanctioned posts in Government departments, stop surrender of 3% live vacant post every year. Withdraw order on ban on creation of new posts in Government and public sector. Increase the budgets on MGNREGA, the days of work and raise the remuneration. Enact urban employment guarantee scheme. Right to work be included into constitution as a fundamental right. Ensure cash transfer of Rs 7500…

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