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Those who seized power in Kiev in 2014 also involved the neo-Nazis, and the residents of Donbass have been suffering from the consequences of their criminal activities ever since. At that, Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine are being persecuted, Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin stated in an interview with the Ukraina.ru online edition. – Denis Vladimirovich, Russia has filed a case against Ukraine at the ECHR. Do you agree with Russia’s statement of claim in the part that concerns Donbass? – We do more than just agree. For seven years now we have been demanding that a legal assessment of the barbaric actions undertaken by the Kiev authorities be made. We are looking forward to international human rights protection mechanisms being applied to the Donbass residents. The global community must turn their eyes to the true causes of the developments in Donbass and grasp the scope of the tragedy, learn about the thousands of victims of the Kiev regime, destroyed streets, homes, schools, and hospitals, about the wounds inflicted on us by this war. Those who seized power in Kiev in 2014 also gave the green light to the neo-Nazis. And the residents of Donbass have been daily suffering from the consequences of their criminal activities ever since. This concerns not the residents of Donbass alone. The Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine, who share common values with us, are being persecuted. The criminals in Kiev want to obliterate the Russian language, history, culture and traditions from people’s memory in order to deprive the next generations of all their ties with the Russians. This must be stopped. We expect that international judicial bodies will properly respond to the claim filed by the Russian Federation. For its part, the Donetsk People’s Republic is ready to forward all the evidence of Kiev’s military aggression in Donbass. But most importantly, our residents, those who have suffered and continue to suffer from the crimes committed by the Kiev authorities, are ready to speak about it. Many of them have filed lawsuits with the ECHR and are waiting for an international legal assessment of the violations of their rights on the part of Ukraine. – But the DPR is still continuing to develop. Where, for example, is construction underway in the republic right now? What should be done in legislative and investment terms to revive construction in the DPR? – Today, the main focus of construction work is to restore and renovate the housing stock, reconstruct outdated systems and facilities of the housing and utilities sector. The main emphasis is still on the restoration of war-damaged housing. In addition, the work on unfinished construction has been stepped up. And this will be yet another step on the path of integration into the Russian economy: in this case we expect to attract Russian investors and professionals to the Republic along with the introduction of a special treatment system for them. In late July, at a topical conference attended by guests from the Russian Federation, we discussed prospective development issues in construction, housing and utilities. The work in some of these sectors, in particular the digitalization of the construction industry, will be launched in the near future, and others require a more thorough elaboration and legal regulation. And such work is underway. On 28 April 2021, there was issued a decree authorizing local administrations to identify and enter ownerless property into the inventory system. There is also a draft law being drawn up in the People’s Council aiming to determine the legal status of uncompleted construction projects. In the nearest future, we also need to adopt the…

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We expect that international judicial bodies will properly respond to Russia’s claim – Denis Pushilin