World Federation of Trade Unions

The European Regional Office of the WFTU organized today 14th of September an online solidarity meeting with the Danish Nurses’ struggle. In the meeting took part the organizations members of the secretariat (PEO, PAME, LAB OSCSM, USB), a representative of the Danish Nurses and Bambis Vortelinos Vice President of TUI Public Services WFTU. The representative of the Danish nurses explained that they are on strike and mobilizations   for the last two months and their main demands are equality at work, wage increases and better working conditions. Also informed that they fight    against the attempt of the Danish government to ban workers´ struggles by law. The coordinator of the European Regional Office mentioned that WFTU has clear class-based orientations, always defending   workers’ rights and that the issue of the emancipation and equality of women has always been a priority and of particular importance for the WFTU.   The participants in the meeting expressed their solidarity and support with the just struggle of the nurses of Denmark and reaffirm that they will continue to stand by their side.

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European Regional Office Solidarity with  the Danish Nurses’ Struggle