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The residents of the Donetsk People’s Republic who have been granted Russian citizenship will be able to take part in the Duma elections online or at polling stations in the Rostov Region. Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin is one of those who will vote remotely. In an interview with the Parlamentskaya Gazeta edition, he spoke about the environment in which the residents of Donbass were preparing to vote on 17-19 September. — The DPR residents who have received Russian passports can take part in the Duma elections. In what format will they vote? — We have made efforts to ensure that the voting process is as comfortable for our residents as possible. They can cast their vote either in person at polling stations in the Rostov Region or through remote electronic voting technology. Many have opted for online voting. We have 258 Info Centres open, where people can get advice on how to apply to vote. By the way, they also assist in applying for a Social Security Number and registering at the public services portal. Through this portal, our residents holding Russian citizenship submit online applications for various social payments and benefits in Russia, including “coronavirus” and lump sum payments timed to the beginning of the school year. We are all aware of the significance for the Russian Federation citizens of the elections that will determine the ruling force and the development course of their homeland for the upcoming five years. The residents of Donbass have learned by experience the importance of the expression of the people’s will, for it changes the fates of peoples. Therefore, the Russians living in the DPR will take the elections to the State Duma with the utmost responsibility and exercise their constitutional right. — Do you actually plan to vote yourself? — Of course, I do. I have registered to vote online through the public services portal. The registration procedure is completely transparent, does not involve any difficulties and certainly saves a bundle of time. — Do Russian parties hold political campaigning in the DPR? Are there any attempts to interfere in the Duma elections campaign “from the outside”? — During the pre-election period, representatives of various parties visited the republic and had meetings with the population. DPR citizens watch Russian federal channels, we have the same political news agenda and we keep abreast of the election campaigns of all the parties running for the State Duma. Recently, Ukrainian “information troops” have stepped up their activities on social networks, and the number of election-related fakes and stove-piping has increased significantly. We are also observing an escalation on the contact line. Since 25 August, nine people have suffered injuries. Ukraine’s armed formations have carried out numerous targeted attacks on infrastructure and industry facilities in the Republic. The power hubs feeding the front-line areas of the Republic, the Zasyadko Mine, the Dokuchayevsk Flux-Dolomite Plant and the Neftebaza Fuel Company have come under fire. But we know how to respond to such provocations. I am certain that no one and nothing will get in the way of the Donbass residents with Russian Federation citizenship voting in the elections on September 17-19. This is their right, and we will not allow anyone to withdraw it, despite interference attempts from the outside. — In order to obtain Russian citizenship under a simplified procedure, residents of the Republic must have DPR passports, and there are waiting lists booked up for a year ahead. Is it possible to speed up the issuance of passports? How many people have already obtained DPR passports to date and how many…

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Nothing gets in the way of the Donbass residents voting in the Duma elections — DPR Head Denis Pushilin