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Workers’ unions, self-employed, small farmers, women and young people gave a militant and massive response to the government-employers with a big rally organized in Thessaloniki within the framework of the TIF-HELEXPO on Saturday September 11. VIDEO PHOTOS With a militant demonstration in the streets of the city, the banners of WFTU in the front line, they sent a message that “Only the people can save the people. Anger to become a force of organization and struggle”. VIDEO With one voice, they gave an response to the government’s attempt, to present as pro-people the escalation of the attack on life and the rights of the working class. They protested for all those who are ruining workers’ lives and rights. They stated that they would not allow employers to destroy trade union rights and freedoms and demanded measures to protect the health and life of the people from the pandemic, to strengthen the public health system. In order to put a brake on the collapse of the workers’ and people’s income from the price increases and inflation. VIDEO On Friday, September 10 PAME presented its positions and its platform of demands during a live press conference with the participation of Farmers’ militant unions, OGE-National Federation of Women, MAS-Militant Students’ Front, PASEVE-Antimonopoly Association of the Self-employed. PAME’s platform and list of demands as presented during the Press Conference will be translated in English. VIDEO PHOTOS On Thursday, September 9, the unions of Thessaloniki held a Seminar under the theme “Respond-Organize-fight for your rights with the Unions”, with the participation of dozens of trade union leaders of Thessaloniki VIDEO Before the seminar starts the unions held a moment of silence in honor of the great militant composer Mikis Theodorakis VIDEO       The post PAME Big demonstration in Thessaloniki appeared first on Πανεργατικό Αγωνιστικό Μέτωπο (Π.Α.ΜΕ.).

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PAME Big demonstration in Thessaloniki