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25 September 2021 The South African Communist Party (SACP) in Limpopo is deeply saddened by the passing away of Comrade Rampedi Walter Mothapo, a former Provincial Executive Committee member of the SACP in Limpopo, head of the International Relations Commission. Comrade Walter died on Wednesday, 22 September 2021, due to Covid-19 complications. The SACP conveys its heartfelt condolences to his family, his relatives, the community of Ga-Mothapo at large, members of the Party across the province, the mass democratic movement and revolutionary Alliance. The Party in Limpopo therefore dips its red banner in mourning the death of this leader of the people who was very passionate about political education. Comrade Walter was a former leader of the South African Student Congress, former leader of the Young Communist League South Africa, and a political commissar of our liberation struggle who had a passion for writing and reading books. Comrade Walter proved his ability to teach politics of the Party in many ways. He understood the importance of always linking theory and practice, understanding that theory without practice is sterile and practice without theory is blind. Hailing from the rural village of Ga Mothapo, Comrade Walter dedicated his life to serving with distinction the SACP, Alliance, and the progressive youth alliance. He undoubtedly served with distinction the people of Limpopo province with a great sense of humility and love by way of demonstrating his ability to teach the Marxism-Leninist theory. Comrade Walter remained an activist of the movement, a writer and commentator who was committed to the Marxist-Leninist theory until his death. He lived his life as a committed and disciplined cadre of the Party. He was an astute public servant who could not be associated with corruption, nepotism and malfeasance for he was the communist to the end and understood the good ethics of the public service. ISSUED BY THE SACP LIMPOPO PROVINCE Contact: Goodman Mitileni Provincial Secretary Mobile: 082 740 6936 Tel: 015 297 8128 Email: Machike Thobejane Provincial Spokesperson Mobile: 082 307 0095 Tel: 015 2978128 Email: ISSUED BY THE SOUTH AFRICAN COMMUNIST PARTY | SACP EST. 1921 AS THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF SOUTH AFRICA | CPSA 1921–2021: 100 YEARS OF UNBROKEN STRUGGLE PUT PEOPLE BEFORE PROFIT SOCIALISM IS THE FUTURE—BUILD IT NOW! Dr Alex Mohubetswane Mashilo SACP Central Committee Member: Media & Communications FOR INTERVIEW ARRANGEMENTS, MEDIA LIAISON & CIRCULATION SERVICES Hlengiwe Nkonyane Communications Officer: Media Liaison, Multimedia & Digital Communications Platforms Co-ordinator Mobile: +27 79 384 6550 OFFICE & OTHER CONTACT DETAILS Office: +2711 339 3621/2 Twitter: SACP1921 Website: Facebook Page: South African Communist Party WELCOME TO THE SACP DONATION PAGE: PLEASE MAKE A CLEAN DONATION.

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