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In 2014, the Donbass militia repeated the feat of their heroic ancestors. The Saur-Mogila was cleared by the Soviet troops twice in 1943, and seven years ago, on the same site, the Donbass militia twice took heavy battles with superior forces of the Ukrainian fighters, Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin reminded. – Denis Vladimirovich, September 8 is Donbass Liberation Day. This year, the famous Saur-Grave memorial complex will be the centre of celebration in the Republic. What does this holiday mean to the DPR? – This year, the Donetsk People’s Republic is celebrating the 78th anniversary of the liberation of Donbass from the Nazi invaders. By celebrating this holiday, we not only commemorate our heroic past, but also look forward to a future in which the Donetsk land will be completely free from Ukrainian invaders. In 2014, the Donbass People’s Militia militia repeated the feat of their heroic ancestors. The Saur-Mogila, the highest ground of the Donetsk ridge, was cleared by the Soviet troops twice in 1943. Seven years ago, on the same site, the Donbass militia twice took heavy battles with superior forces of the Ukrainian fighters In 1943, the Saur-Mogila liberation marked the beginning of the Soviet army’s victorious march across the Donetsk land. In 2014, taking control of the high ground also became a starting point in the military liberation campaign. September 8 is a symbolic day for the people of Donbass. It inspires and empowers us in the fight for freedom and independence. Today we are bending every effort for our final victory. – A congress of veterans is planned to be held in the Republic. Who is going to attend and for what purpose? – The Defenders of Russia Veterans’ Congress will be held to mark the anniversary of our region’s liberation from the Nazi invaders. September 8 is also the Day of Military Glory of Russia – the Day of the Borodino Battle of the Russian Army against Napoleon’s army in the Patriotic War of 1812. The congress will take place at the Saur-Mogila mound, a place which is sacred for us. We are expecting guests to arrive from the Russian Federation, the Lugansk People’s Republic and South Ossetia. More than five thousand heroes are to take part – veterans of the Great Patriotic War, participants of the counter-terrorist operation in the North Caucasus, participants of armed conflicts in various parts of the world, and members of the Donbass People’s Militia. This is an unprecedented event in terms of composition and number of participants, not only for us but for Russia as well. Their successors, veterans of different generations, who will pass on the baton to their descendants, will gather to commemorate the heroes of the past. Our children must know about their kinship with the heroes. On this day, the youngest patriots of Donbass – members of the Young Guard-Yunarmia public organization – will take the oath. A memorial sign will be unveiled and an alley To the Fallen Defenders of the Motherland will be planted to commemorate the feat of those who sacrificed their lives for their country. More than half a thousand tree saplings brought from various parts of Russia will be planted in the memorial complex territory. – There are online discussions about what the Saur-Mogila memorial, which is currently being restored, should look in the end. There are three large groups of debaters. The first group believes that everything should be left as it is, because the ruins themselves create a strong emotional impression. That is why they are the memory of the Russian militia who…

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The Donetsk land will be liberated from the Ukrainian invaders – Denis Pushilin