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Kiev’s provocations are aimed at destroying infrastructure facilities in Donbass, Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin stated during a live broadcast of the Pyataya Studiya (The Fifth Studio) programme aired on the Russia 24 TV channel. “The tactic is not new for Ukraine. It was favoured under Pyotr Poroshenko, and it is also resorted to under incumbent President Zelensky. Over the last 24 hours, there was committed a series of attacks on infrastructure, which cut thousands of people off from power and heat. I am now referring to the Gorlovka and southern fronts,” Denis Pushilin said. He stressed that Germany and France were also responsible for the situation developed. “I find myself inclined to shift part of the responsibility to the guarantor countries, in particular, to Germany and France, which exercise no response to Ukraine’s violating the obligations undertaken. I would also shift part of the responsibility for the current situation to the OSCE SMM. It is their – especially within the recent period – weakness and inefficiency that has made it possible for Ukraine to advance violations. I am speaking about both the kidnapped JCCC officer in the Lugansk People’s Republic, and the attempts that have already been undertaken three times to destroy an oil depot in a district of Donetsk, and the shelling of infrastructure that has taken place over the last 24 hours. I am also referring, of course, to Staromarievka,” the Head of State said. Denis Pushilin emphasized that there had been seized a village in the “grey zone”, which was supported by the Donetsk People’s Republic. Moreover, this locality was one of the options considered as a possible disengagement area. “And what do we observe now? The Ukrainian military have seized the locality with utmost cynicism and are terrorizing the population. The local residents are in terrible humanitarian conditions. They do not have enough heat, water, because they have only technical water in their wells. They have no drinking water, no food, they are running out of supplies. People cannot leave their houses. What is the OSCE SMM looking into? Where are the statements, the condemnation of Ukraine? There is no such thing. And if nothing is happening, Ukraine is free to act more brazenly, more harshly, certainly provoking us into taking severe retaliatory actions. And our retaliation means large-scale hostilities, battles and a heavy toll of casualties. This is what Ukraine is seeking. To some extent, Kiev benefits from this, given the economic situation, given the political situation in their country. We can all see that. We are all aware of it, but listen – this issue should not be closed at the cost of thousands of casualties in Donbass,” the Head of State said. Denis Pushilin also noted that Ukraine by its actions is provoking Russia to step into the conflict in order to protect the rights of its citizens who live on the territory of the republics and hold Russian passports. “The most recent example is Staromarievka. 37 Russian citizens, most of whom voted in the State Duma elections, are now being subjected to actions that are prohibited by the Geneva Convention. Ukraine is breaching it. What does that leave Russia to do? Yes, Russia is being provoked, they are trying to draw it into the conflict, they are trying to bring it under new sanctions. These are the actions of Ukraine, and not only Ukraine. This is the Western handling of Ukraine as such,” the Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic concluded. According to the Official Website of the Head of the DPR The post Denis Pushilin considers France, Germany and…

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Denis Pushilin considers France, Germany and OSCE also responsible for Ukraine’s destroying the DPR infrastructure