On the October, 9 neo-fascist assault to the CGIL in Rome – Internationalist Revolutionary Tendency 1. Unlike the vulgate publicized by the democratic (or state) anti-fascism, the protest which took place on Saturday 9th October in Rome has two aspects that do not coincide: the neo-fascist attack on the headquarters of the CGIL and the large crowd of protesters. There is no doubt that the attack was ordered in advance. Whether it was so by Forza Nuova alone or not, the crucial thing is that the headquarters of the CGIL were those to be attacked, and not those of Confindustria or those of the government, the two powers that wanted and imposed the “green pass”. Why this target? Certainly to deepen the existing division between workers enrolled in CGIL, CISL and UIL – the vast majority of whom adhered to the vaccination program – and unvaccinated workers, many of whom are not unionized. The “green pass” is the means devised by the Draghi government to force these workers to vaccinate so as to eliminate any obstacle to the economic “recovery” and to stir up the division between vaccinated and unvaccinated workers, giving the bosses the power to fire their employees for “sanitary” reasons too. Via the recognition of CGIL as the main responsible for this hateful non-health measure, the counterfeiters of Forza Nuova have tried to deepen even more that “vaccinated-non vaccinated” gap originally produced by the government. But the political plan that led them in this direction goes far beyond what concerns the pandemic and the opposition to the “green pass”. Forza Nuova, Casa Pound and other groups of the neo-fascist area, each with its own peculiarities, aim to gather support, frame and drive in a reactionary sense those social components (including proletarian ones) that the global crisis in which we find ourselves into has beaten and thrown into disarray, filling them not only with fear of the present and the times to come, but also with resentments towards those who have long since abandoned and betrayed them. The scoundrels who lead these groups label as “betrayers” the CGIL leaders – this sounds very quaint; however that expression is ultimately aimed at discrediting “communism” and the trade unionist organization of the workers themselves as such (although CGIL no longer has anything to do with this), in order to accredit other ideals (theirs) and other forms of “sociality” (popular-national). Actually, it is not something new for the “fascism of the third millennium” to wrap itself in “social” clothes. Golden Dawn grew up handing out meals to destitute people. In Rome, as in other cities, the forces of the far right have for some time been looking for new recruits in the suburbs and among the dispossessed. It must be acknowledged that it was able to intercept the widespread discontent that the capitalist management of the pandemic and the implementation of the “green pass” created first among restaurateurs and traders, then among certain layers of proletarians. These people’s actions are not those of people taking stabs in the dark. Nor should their international connections be underestimated, since the black International, with its epicenter in the United States in the mighty Trumpian universe, is anything but an ephemeral phenomenon. With the assault on the headquarters of CGIL, Forza Nuova & Co. really made a splash, presenting themselves, with the help of the regime’s mass media, as the real antagonists of the status quo, the catalysts of social malaise. And all of this, what a coincidenca!, has happened just two days before the unitary strike (which had been missing for a decade and was a candidate for this task) of grassroots trade…

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