World Federation of Trade Unions

The Executive Bureau of the General Federation of Trade Unions in the Syrian Arab Republic, on behalf of the Syrian working class, expresses its denunciation and condemnation of the cowardly terrorist bombing that occurred on the morning of Wednesday 20/10/2021 and led to the death of 14 martyrs and the wounding of a number of other innocent civilian workers. As we affirm that such criminal and terrorist acts come as a desperate attempt to raise the morale of terrorist groups and their supporters after eliminating the last of their remnants has become inevitable at the hands of the valiant forces of our armed forces, we stress that they will not discourage our resolve to fight terrorism in all its forms, but rather will increase our strength and determination to continuing the war on terrorism until the purification of the entire Syrian territory and the restoration of security and safety to every inch of it. We pray for mercy and eternity to the souls of our righteous martyrs, and a speedy recovery to the wounded and injured. President of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Syria  Jamal Kadri  

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Statement of the General Federation of Trade Unions in the Syrian Arab Republic on the terrorist bombing in Damascus in 20/10/2021.