World Federation of Trade Unions

“Away the Draghi government, no pact, no social peace”. With these words of order Monday 11 have paraded one hundred thousand workers in over thirty squares throughout Italy while participation in the strike has exceeded one million workers. All this in spite of the media terrorism spread with full hands on the possibility that the parades, after the serious actions of Saturday, were infiltrated by violent provocateurs. It was a strong and convinced reply to the government of the European plenipotentiary Mario Draghi and to the economic and social policy choices of the executive “all together with passion”. At the heart of the strike was a rich and articulated platform that USB represented in the squares of all Italy and that we brought significantly in front of the Ministry of Economic Development, under Brunetta’s windows and besieging the Ministry of Education together with hundreds of students of Alternative Student Opposition. It is clear that the alternative to the consociativism of Cgil Cisl Uil not only exists but is strengthened and rooted in thousands of workplaces, from industry to transport, public employment, schools, logistics and wherever there is a real battle to defend the rights of workers. A strong call to anti-fascist practice has crossed all the parades, knowing full well that it is up to us to defend this ideal heritage that has been put into oblivion by those who support the Draghi government, in which everyone participates, even those who go hand in hand with the fascists. In short, the general strike marked an important political step of maturity of the workers organized in the basic and class unionism, obviously highlighted its merits and limitations but also signaled the growth and affirmation of an antagonistic social bloc, which does not practice reactionary movements but takes responsibility for the reconstruction of a class movement capable of becoming a non-minority reference point in the country. Unione Sindacale di Base

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USB-Italy: The success of the general strike of the class oriented trade unionism shows that there is an alternative to the consociativism of Cgil Cisl Uil