World Federation of Trade Unions

The World Federation of Trade Unions, the oldest and only international class-oriented trade union origination, on behalf of its 105 million members who work, live, and struggle in 133 countries of the 5 continents, strongly condemns the unacceptable new stage of the Modi Government privatization policy. After the plans on the disinvestment of PSUs and Government departments and privatization of several sectors (such as steel, banks, Ordinance Factories, etc.) the Indian Government aims the sale of Air India, the only Govt-owned air carrier that in several cases in the past supported the Indian people. The Modi Government once again offers free gifts to the capital, selling off public assets. The sale of Air India constitutes a continuation of the merger of Indian Airlines with Air India that took place under the hollow claims that it would save the Airlines. The World Federation of Trade Unions stands by the side of the trade union movement and the people of India against the new privatization plan of the Modi Government that will lead to new losses of public assets that were financially supported with public money for decades.    

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