World Federation of Trade Unions

The World Federation of Trade Unions participates in the 23rd congress of Pensioner Federation IKA, Greece which is taking place on 21-22 October 2021 in Athens, Greece.  The General Secretary of the WFTU Sectoral Union TUI Pensioners & Retirees, Quim Boix and Petros Petrou from the WFTU Headquarters addressed the delegates of the congress, conveying the international and comradely solidarity of the international class-oriented trade union movement to the militant pensioners’ movement in Greece. Among others, the WFTU representatives condemned the cuts of the pensions and the constant attack against pensioners living standards underlining that “we are proudly observing and we are inspired by your struggles, the struggles of pensioners around the world who are released from production but not demobilized from the struggle. […] We congratulate you militant initiatives, both on the common challenges faced by retirees, and on your practical solidarity with the demands and struggles of the workers, the unemployed, the youth. […] Bearing in mind that the quality of a society is evident from the perspective given to its youth and the respect shown to its elders, we wish you all the best with the works of your 23rd congress and we are committed to continuing and strengthening our common struggle for a human-centered society, free of exploitation, that meets all the contemporary needs of its members.”

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WFTU participates in the 23rd congress of Pensioners’ Federation IKA, Greece