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Call of the Central Workers’ Union of Cuba The Central Workers’ Union of Cuba and its National Trade Unions celebrate the beginning of the school year in all levels of education, the tourists’ arrival with the increment of international flights from the reopening of our frontiers and the festivity of the 502 Anniversary of the foundation of Havana, the capital city of all Cubans. We are specially proud of all our workers who in wholehearted manner contributed to face victorious the more difficult moments of the pandemic stage and specially of our scientific communitythat permitted us to be the first country of the world in immunizing all its population with own vaccines, the first ones with vaccines of pediatric use and the decreasing of figures of daily cases. This exploit takes place in the middle of worsening of the cruel, genocide and illegal blockade of the United States’ government against Cuba that insists in overthrow the Revolution promoting the hatred, violence and the internal desestabilization. In front of these maneuverings the Cuban workers reaffirm our decision of keeping together in the defense of the Revolution and building the social socialist project. We call upon trade union organizations and leaders around the world to express their support to Cuban workers and people in the context of the“National Solidarity Journey #CubaVive”. ¡Long live CubanRevolution! #Cuba #CubaAbre #LaRazónEsNuestroEscudo

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Call of the Central Workers’ Union of Cuba (CTC Cuba)