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25 November 2021 The South African Communist Party (SACP) in Moses Mabhida Province (KwaZulu-Natal) held its ordinary Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) meeting, which was extended to office bearers in the districts, on 20-21 November 2021, virtually. The PEC was also attended by Central Committee Members as deployees to the province. The PEC received its ordinary reports, which were the Political, Organisational and Financial reports and a presentation on the developments around the COVID-19 pandemic. The PEC meeting took place immediately after the Local Government Elections (LGE), held on the 1 November 2021, to which considerable time was dedicated in the report and analysis on the outcome of the LGE. The PEC met amid ongoing negotiations to form coalitions in municipalities where the African National Congress could not get a majority to govern. The PEC also noted the weaknesses in the manner in which coalition negotiations were handled. LOCAL GOVERNMENT ELECTIONS The PEC expressed its deepest disappointment on the outcome of the Local Government Elections which indicated a massive decline for the support of the ANC, from 57% in 2016 to 47% in 2021. There was a strong view which indicated it should not have been a surprise, in light of the state of our municipalities and poor service delivery. Amongst factors believed to have impacted on the lower voter turn-out and decline in ANC support, has been seen mainly amongst others as follows: The failure to meet the minimum service delivery demands, bordering on neglect. EG: basic needs of a faltering water supply, unreliable electricity supply, inconsistent waste collections, lengthy unattended sewage spillage. Social distance between the communities and public representatives. Political infightings which have moved from political organisations to impact service delivery negatively. Corruption which has been centred in narrow self-enrichment of the corrupt few. Deteriorating socio-economic conditions of our communities by massive social ills. The failure to resolve worker and employer disputes where some municipalities have fired droves of workers without just cause. The PEC took place before the inaugural municipal seatings and expressed its disappointment of the election outcomes, which produced an increased percentage of hung municipalities in the history of our democratic dispensation. This dire situation does not augur well for the service delivery to the people and the biggest losers will be our communities. The petty politicking between the IFP and the ANC was a sight for concern, in which the SACP calls for both organisations to respect each other’s organisational independence and prioritise the interest of the people, particularly, the working class and poor. COVID-19 PANDEMIC The PEC collectively agreed that the whole world looks paralysed in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to critically question what we are informed about the pandemic. Although it is taken as a health problem, the pandemic is a serious class issue. There is a strong belief that it is used by the ruling class to lock society into a horror channel, legitimise repression and wide range of anti-democratic measures and to widely make society obediently accept the severe consequences of the economic crisis. As a class issue, the most affected by the pandemic are the working people. Millions of our people lack basic healthcare services and it is quite noteworthy that while the rulers claim they are raging a war against COVID-19, providing free, extensive, and high-quality healthcare to the public has not been an immediate priority. They are keen on fuelling panic, but do not take serious steps to solve the problems of the lack of medical staff and equipment. Making matters worse is the lack of information and censorship, which leaves communities…

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