World Federation of Trade Unions

The WFTU General Secretary George Mavrikos is taking part and addressed the 28th Congress of PEO-Cyprus. During his speech he underlined the role of PEO in WFTU, which is one of its founding members. After his speech, the WFTU General Secretary presented the honorary poster of WFTU for the 80th Anniversary of PEO which was given to the General Secretary of PEO, Pampis Kyritsis as a gif from WFTU to PEO. #ewic-con-124930 .flex-direction-nav .flex-next, #ewic-con-124930 .flex-direction-nav .flex-prev {opacity: 1;} #ewic-con-124930 .flex-direction-nav .flex-next {right: 10px !important; text-align: right !important;} #ewic-con-124930 .flex-direction-nav .flex-prev {left: 10px !important;} jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $(“#preloader-124930”).fadeOut(2000, function () { $(“#ewic-con-124930”).addClass(“ready_to_show”); $(“a[rel^=’ewicprettyPhoto[124930]’]”).ewcPhoto({ theme: “ewc_default”, allow_expand: false, deeplinking: false, slideshow:5000, autoplay_slideshow:true, social_tools:false }); $(“.flexslider-124930”).fadeIn(1000); $(“#ewic-con-124930”).flexslider({ animation: “slide”, animationSpeed: 0, useCSS: false, easing: “easeInQuad”, direction: “horizontal”, slideshow: true, smoothHeight: true, pauseOnHover: true, controlNav: false, prevText: “”, nextText: “”, rtl: false, slideshowSpeed: 5000, start: function(slider){ $(“#ewic-con-124930”).find(“.flex-caption”).hide(); var curSlide = slider.find(“li.flex-active-slide”); $(curSlide).find(“.flex-caption”).slideDown(); }, before: function(slider) { $(“#ewic-con-124930”).find(“.flex-caption”).slideUp(); }, after: function(slider) { var curSlide = slider.find(“li.flex-active-slide”); $(curSlide).find(“.flex-caption”).slideDown(); } }); }); });

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