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   The following statement was issued by 355 organizations from 140 countries. Joint Statement of World Political Parties, Social Organizations, and Think Tanks on Making Independent Efforts to Explore the Path toward Democracy and Working Together to Promote Common Development Democracy represents an important achievement of humanity in the advancement of political civilization, and development an eternal pursuit throughout human history. People of different countries and regions, through their unremitting explorations, have brought about distinctively varied forms of democracy and development paths, presenting a magnificent spectacle of flourishing human civilizations. Political parties, as they are in a position to build, preserve, and develop democracy, have been charged with the important mission to realize democracy and promote development. In view of the above, we, the 355 political parties, social organizations, and think tanks from 140 countries and regions, issue a joint statement to the whole world as follows: I. We are of the view that the world we live in is a diverse and colorful one. Diversity is what defines the fascinating feature of human civilizations, and indeed the source of vitality and dynamism for the development of the world. The ways and means of realizing democracy are varied. Since different countries and regions may not necessarily share the same history, culture, social system, and development stage, there does not exist any system of democracy or pattern of development that is applicable to all countries. The practice of judging the rich variety of political systems around the world by a single yardstick, or observing the colorful political civilizations of the humanity from a monochromatic sight, is in itself undemocratic. Nor is it conducive to development. II. We are of the view that the best way to evaluate whether the political system of a country is democratic and efficient is to observe whether the succession of its leading body is orderly and in line with the law, whether all people can manage state affairs and social, economic, and cultural affairs in conformity with legal provisions, whether the public can express their requirements without hindrance, whether all sectors can efficiently participate in the country’s political affairs, whether national decisions can be made in a rational, democratic way, whether professionals in all fields can be part of the team of national leadership and administrative systems through fair competition, whether the ruling party can serve as a leader in state affairs in accordance with the Constitution and laws, and whether the exercise of power can be kept under effective restraint and supervision. III. We are of the view that the judgement on whether a country is democratic hinges on whether the people can become the real masters of the country. While it is necessary to observe whether the people can enjoy the right to vote, it is even more important to observe whether their right of extensive participation is guaranteed. While it is necessary to observe what verbal promises the people get during election campaigns, it is even more important to observe how many of the promises are fulfilled after elections. While it is necessary to observe what political procedures and rules are stipulated in regulations and laws, it is even more important to observe whether these regulations and laws are rigorously enforced. While it is necessary to observe whether the exercise of power follows democratic rules and procedures, it is even more important to observe whether the exercise of power is truly subject to the supervision and restraint by the people. IV. We are of the view that democracy is the right of all peoples, rather than an exclusive privilege of the few. The…

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