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On Thursday, December 16, in the plenary session of the European Parliament, as part of the debates on cases of violations of human rights, democracy and the rule of law, it was approved to discuss a point on the situation in Cuba. In this sense, we put at your disposal the following considerations, which provide elements on this new political maneuver against Cuba. We would appreciate your support in denouncing this fact and that the members of the European Parliament of your party vote against the negative resolution that will be presented on Cuba: – The alleged situation of a group of citizens, who are not defenders of human rights in Cuba and do not represent the majority of the Cuban population, is being used as a pretext to support the debate. – These are persons who respond to the interests explicitly stated by the US government. According to public data, Washington has spent nearly 250 million dollars on programs of aggression and subversion against Cuba in the last two decades. – Cuba is the target of a script for a soft coup. Agents in the service of the US government serve this purpose by promoting plans to generate a confrontation between the population and the Cuban government. – The main objective of their actions is to “bring about regime change in Cuba”; to subvert the internal order and destabilize the country at any cost. (More detailed information on some of them can be found below). – The Cuban authorities have publicly denounced that some of those persons are mercenaries, salaried agents in service of a foreign power. This is a crime in Cuba and in many states in the world, including European countries. – It has also been proven that one of these mercenaries has even assailed himself in order to simulate a violation of his rights. – Some of them have also openly called for military intervention in Cuba and for strengthening of the US government’s blockade measures against the island, even in the midst of the pandemic, knowing its terrible effect on the daily life of the Cuban people. – It is well known that the United States Government frequently uses people with a long record of criminality and violent behavior in order to promote chaos, to create a narrative of violence and repression, supported by a well-funded and articulated media network, and to implement its subversive policy against Cuba. US government officials have made no secret of their complicity. The Cuban authorities have made public sufficient evidence in this regard. – Cuba has been object of debates in three of the last six plenary sessions of the European Parliament. It is the only country in Latin America and the Caribbean that has been discussed so much in this period.This shows how singularized and how manipulated is the human rights issue. At the same time, it shows the double standards of those who use it with an outstanding political background. – None of the latest resolutions approved on Cuba have the minimum decency to mention the impact of the criminal economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the US government for over six decades, which has been intensified in a genocidal and premeditated manner in the midst of this pandemic. – If the MEPs who have promoted this new anti-Cuban manoeuvre were really interested in the human rights of the Cuban people, they would first denounce the flagrant and systematic violation represented by the implementation of the blockade. – Its extraterritorial effects have also a huge impact in the interests of European companies and citizens that Members…

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Important elements on a new maneuver in the European Parliament against Cuba.