World Federation of Trade Unions

On the occasion of International Migrants Day, on December 18th 2021, the World Federation of Trade Unions expresses its internationalist solidarity with the 281 million migrant workers around the globe, who struggle to survive away from their homelands which they left to escape from the horror of wars and misery. We once more want to underline the reasons that cause immigration, which are none other than wars and antagonisms between powerful states, wishing to control the natural resources of the peoples’ for the profits of the multinationals; none other than exploitation itself that divides societies into the few and rich and the toiling masses. The drama of uprooted people can be seen in the Mediterranean Sea, where more than 1.369 migrants died from January to September 2021, while trying to cross it. It can been seen in the English channel, on the Belarus-Poland borders, in the detention centres in Mexico and elsewhere. It can be seen in the workplaces, where migrant workers are the harshest exploited part of workers in all countries. As international, class-oriented trade union movement we will continue and strengthen our struggle for the protection and rights of migrant workers. During the new peak of COVID-19 Pandemic, all states must take all the necessary measures for immediate vaccination of all migrant workers, refugees, and their access to public healthcare. We will continue denouncing racism and discrimination against migrant workers and promoting the united struggles of local and migrant workers irrespectively of their race, origin, language, religion etc. for the covering of their contemporary needs. We demand: – Work with rights for migrant workers – Safe and proper housing for them and their families – Access of all migrants and their families to free and public healthcare and education – Residence permits with simple procedures and legal support services for migrants – Legalization of migrants with an irregular status, special care for migrant domestic workers and their rights – State services for migrants and refugees with all the necessary and permanent staff with no implication of NGOs – Stop to imperialist wars and interventions No one is alone in the class struggles! The Secretariat

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