World Federation of Trade Unions

Among them are at least six employees at an Amazon warehouse in St. Louis, Illinois, whose roof collapsed and eight workers were killed at a candle factory in Kentucky. The WFTU and its militant trade unions members around the world will continue our struggle for all necessary measures to protect workers from natural disasters and extreme weather events, measures that the US do not take because they consider them as a “cost”. We immediately demand the implementation of all necessary health and safety measures in the workplaces, the workers not move to go to work and to take paid leave during extreme weather. In the 21st century where the advances of science and technology are enormous, extreme weather events can be both predicted and addressed with the appropriate infrastructure and with safe houses and workplaces. We express our solidarity with the victims and the families of the people who lost their lives. The Secretariat

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USA: More than 90 people were killed by tornadoes and heavy rains that hit Kentucky, Illinois, Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi and Tennessee