World Federation of Trade Unions

The WFTU and its affiliates were deeply flabbergasted and saddened the accident caused by the truck carrying explosives whch resulted in the death of 13 people after it crashed with a motorcycle according to police. This clearly proofs beyond reasonable doubts that the lives of our people has less value compared to that of animals. This is extremely shocking given the fact that, Ghana as a member state affiliates to ILO is bound to uphold convention No 155 that requires all employers to put in place necessary health and safety policies and practice to safeguard the plight of workers. It is against this background that we will forever remain resolute in defense of the plights of workers against sheer ignorance and injustice sought to trivialize the hard won gains workers attained when it was not fashionable. We further note with dismay the breach of Ghana labour act as specified in their policies inter alias stating that, “employer must take measures to prevent contamination of the workplaces and protect the workers from, toxic gases, noxious substances, vapors, dust. Fumes. Mists and other substances or materials hazardous to safety or health” We elate this progressive legislation akin South African protective labour legislation that derives their mandate from their respective supreme laws to protect workers and their surrounding communities. The WFTU will forever strive to echo its position in pursuit of lending a hand through solidarity to the people of Palestine, Cuba, Swaziland and any other country their sovereignty may be under siege. Without any equivocation, we will do everything possible to keep our eye to the developments that seeks to take care of the plight of those people including ensuring the bereaved families are compensated for the loss of their loved ones and their children also finds solace while pursuing their studies. We are urging labour movement in its entirety as echoed by Karl Marx “Workers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains” we are making this clarion call precisely because workers belong to the community hence their struggle cannot succeed without the involvement of civil society.

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Gratuitous demise of 13 People by explosive in the Mining Precinct, Ghana