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On Saturday, February 26, the working class and the people of Greece gave a huge response to the policies that destroy workers’ lives and the imperialist war plans. The rally took place 2 years after the case of Covid in Greece, with 25.000 deaths and a crippled National Healthcare System. In Athens center more than 400 unions and organizations of the people rallied to a gigantic demonstration that reached the parliament demanding protection of workers’ lives, income and health. Unions of COSCO, Efood, LARCO, KAVALA OIL were at the front of the huge demonstration highlighting their recent and continuing struggles. At the rally also took the floor the Federation of Public Hospital Doctors, Construction Workers, self-employed and more all noting the need for escalation of the struggle with NEW NATIONAL GENERAL STRIKE in the next period, demanding raises in wages with collective contracts, measures against inflation, and support to Public Hospitals. The speakers also denounced the imperialist war and demanded no involvement of Greece in the plans and the conflicts of the imperialists, with disengagement of Greece from NATO-EU. The rally concluded with art performance by the Unions of Musicians and artists who sang and danced under the slogan “We make our lyrics our strength-We make our pencils our weapons” Similar rallies took place in more cities around Greece Click here for more photos   The post Enormous Workers’ Rallies Give Militant Response appeared first on Πανεργατικό Αγωνιστικό Μέτωπο (Π.Α.ΜΕ.).

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Enormous Workers’ Rallies Give Militant Response