14 February National strike against capitalist management of the pandemic S.I. Cobas EITHER WE ALL WORK OR NOBODY WORKS! The Draghi government is imposing on the people structural reforms decided by the European bourgeoisie: cuts in health care (another 6 billion less this year), privatisation, manic repression of dissent, appalling increases in bills and basic necessities, an arms race, mass redundancies and social butchery are just the beginning of what they call “the new normal”. To impose its counter-reforms, the government uses the pandemic as a weapon: it has imposed increasingly arbitrary and grotesque decrees on the population, eroding individual and collective rights, fomenting artificial debates to divide the people and split the opposition front. The introduction of the green pass is part of this strategy of division and distraction. Italy is one of the few countries in which, at a time when the already weak measures to protect and prevent infections are being relaxed, checks are being tightened even further on green certificates for going to work, to the post office or for renewing identity cards or boarding buses. By now, even experts and official virologists acknowledge that there is nothing medical, sanitary or ‘scientific’ about the Green Pass: it is merely a tool designed to shift the responsibility for the pandemic onto individual behaviour, on the one hand freeing the state and the bosses from any obligation to trace, monitor, prevent and sanitise, and on the other hand artfully creating a category of scapegoats, the ‘unvaccinated’: a category which now paradoxically also includes those who are vaccinated but lack the third dose. The government closes hospitals, cancels social security funds for quarantine, dismisses and suspends thousands of doctors, lets people with green pass and third dose who tested positive “free” to go around and infect, but accuses the unvaccinated to cause a health emergency! It is increasingly clear that the pass is an instrument of class and racist oppression, which has nothing to do with the prevention of contagion and which affects immigrant workers twice, first of all those who do not have a residence permit (and a health card) and are therefore forced to endless bureaucratic procedures to access the vaccination (and the green pass); not to mention all those immigrant workers who have received vaccines that are not recognised by the EMA and who are forced to start the vaccination process all over again. From 15 February a further clampdown comes into force, which provides for compulsory vaccination for people aged 50 and over: in practice it cancels the basic green pass, eliminating the tests to enter one’s workplace (the same swabs with which hospitals track infections), i.e. the only really effective system to detect and contain outbreaks among both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated! Once again it becomes clear that these measures have no scientific basis, they only serve the bosses to get rid of another section of workers and to reduce the costs of health surveillance, which by law should be borne by employers ( Act 81/08 – Consolidated text on safety in the workplace). If it is true that current vaccines help to significantly reduce deaths and hospitalisations, it is equally true that even vaccinated people can be infected and do become infected: if the government really cared about the health and lives of workers and not about profits, instead of unleashing a hysterical witch-hunt against the tiny minority of non-vaccinated people, faced with the spread of the Omicron variant, it would have closed all non-essential activities, as we requested in March 2020! If the Draghi government wanted to build a real vaccination campaign…

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[ITALY] 14 February – National strike against capitalist management of the pandemic. Either we all work or nobody works