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9 February 2022 The South African Communist Party (SACP) denounces the missile attack by the apartheid Israeli regime on Damascus, Syria in the early hours of Wednesday, 9 February 2022. This is the second attack by the regime on Syria in ten days. The attack follows consistent military aggression by NATO forces, particularly the United States and Turkey against Syria, the attack by the United States on Syria one week ago included. The African Union can by no means reward with an observer status an apartheid regime that occupies Palestinian and Syrian territories and consistently violates their human rights, peace, stability and hinders their development efforts through land expropriation, occupation, bombardment, killings, maiming and other atrocities. The apartheid Israeli regime has expropriated a vast tract of Palestinian land. It is colonially occupying the affected Palestinian territories and Golan in Syria. The African Union must reverse the unthinkable decision, made by its chairperson Moussa Faki in July 2021 to grant an observer status to the Israeli apartheid regime. The continuous imperialist aggression against the innocent people of Syria causes untold distress. In addition, it impedes Syria’s reconstruction and efforts to rebuild its economy to support lives. ISSUED BY THE SOUTH AFRICAN COMMUNIST PARTY | SACP EST. 1921 AS THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF SOUTH AFRICA | CPSA   1921–2021: 100 YEARS OF UNBROKEN STRUGGLE PUT PEOPLE BEFORE PROFIT SOCIALISM IS THE FUTURE—BUILD IT NOW! Dr Alex Mohubetswane Mashilo SACP Central Committee Member: Media & Communications FOR INTERVIEW ARRANGEMENTS, MEDIA LIAISON & CIRCULATION SERVICES Hlengiwe Nkonyane Communications Officer: Media Liaison, Multimedia & Digital Communications Platforms Co-ordinator Mobile: +27 79 384 6550 OFFICE & OTHER CONTACT DETAILS Office: +2711 339 3621/2 Twitter: SACP1921 Website: Facebook Page: South African Communist Party WELCOME TO THE SACP DONATION PAGE: PLEASE MAKE A CLEAN DONATION.

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SACP denounces attacks on Syrian and Palestinian people by the apartheid Israeli regime, calls on the African Union to reverse the unthinkable granting of an observer status to the apartheid regime