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23 February 2022 On Tuesday 22 February 2022 the SACP Western Cape concluded the last provincial council of the 8th Provincial Executive Committee (PEC), on a virtual platform, ahead of the impending 9th Provincial Congress to be held on 11 – 13 March 2022. The Provincial council is the highest decision-making body between congresses which brings together structures across the province including the Central Committee deployees, PEC members, District Executive Committee members, branch delegates and representatives of the Young Communist League. The provincial council paid tribute to a number of comrades who perished in the period under review. The meeting honoured these fallen heroes and drew strength from their undying commitment to the total liberation of the entire working class and ultimate elimination of all forms of exploitation in South Africa and bring about a humane global order. SACP Provincial Council congratulate Cosatu on its successful 14th Provincial Congress Council congratulated the progressive trade union federation, Cosatu, on convening a successful Gender Conference and later Provincial Congress, respectively. Council saluted the renewal of the mandate of the federation and more importantly the unity and cohesion of the organised working-class formation. The unity of the trade union federation is the strength and bedrock on which depends the hegemony of the working class as a weapon against capitalist oppression. Towards the 9th SACP Provincial Congress and 15th National Congress The primary task of the Provincial Council was to conduct substantive preparation politically, organisationally and ideologically for the upcoming 9th provincial congress. The Provincial Council received a political and organisational road-map whose content positively confirmed our readiness to convene the long over-due 9th Provincial Congress as districts and branches have been built as per the Central Committee road-map towards congresses. Against this background, the council applauded the hardworking cadreship of the Party that has propelled the organic growth of the Party across all six districts in the province despite limited resource capacity at our disposal. As we approach our respective congresses this year, we are inspired by Chairman Mao’s dictum that, “Let a hundred flowers bloom; let a hundred schools of thought contend.” The 9th Provincial Congress will be a milestone in the context of the SACP still observing 100 years of unbroken and militant struggle against the brutal apartheid system, colonial subjugation and capitalist super-exploitation. Further, the Provincial Council also served as a platform to develop a posture of the Western Cape ahead of the 15th National Congress of the SACP to be held in July this year. For us, congresses should serve as a platform of reflection about the progress made, mistakes committed towards realisation of the Freedom Charter society. Defend our Revolution from neoliberalism and austerity forces The Provincial Council noted with grave concern the trajectory the National Democratic Revolution is taking at this current conjuncture. The deepening of neoliberalism and austerity within the state as epitomised by the posture of the economic cluster, treasury in particular, as it relates to the developmental role of the public sector. In this respect we reaffirm the principled position of the Central Committee about protecting our national sovereignty against all and every scheme of imperialist and neoliberal forces. The embrace of neoliberalism is the source of the problem with dire consequences for the working class in particular the escalating unemployment, deepening poverty, widening inequality. Compounding these challenges is the decaying infrastructure, rising levels of crime including Gender Based Violence and extortionist syndicates operating freely. All these challenges perpetuate the generalised crisis that confronts South African society. Council raised critical concerns regarding the polarised debate around the just transition as well as court actions…

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