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VIDEO  (with ENG Subtitles) Big Rally of LARCO workers against 1200 layoffs The workers of LARCO held a big rally  yesterday February 13 at the gates of the factory in Larymna, with the presence and solidarity of more than 300 unions, denouncing the Government’s plans to lay off 1200 workers and evict 1000 families from their homes, which are based in the factory. Photos The Greek Governments have for years undermined the condition of the LARCO Factory,  one of the 5 biggest nickel producers globally, so as to be able to privatize the factory without the workers and their rights. Alongside the workers, massive was the presence of their families and their children as well as of the local communities. PAME stated LARCO Workers’ Struggle is a struggle of all working class of Greece. It is our common duty, with every means possible, to stand on their side so as to stop the criminal act of the Government against the workers. Hundreds of workers rallied on the side of LARCO workers from all over Greece. The Unions of workers of COSCO, of KAVALA OIL, of the National Federation of Public Hospital Doctors, Federation of Construction Workers, and Metalworkers’ Unions are some of those who were present during the rally. The President of LARCO Larymna workers Union, cadre of PAME, Panagiotis Politis, closed his address to the rally noting “LARCO workers state that we will win. We owe it to our lives, to the stones that cover our dead colleagues, to our children, we will not submit!” Highlight of the rally was the moment when little pupils, children of the families of LARCO took the floor and a young boy addressed the crowd saying “They told our families that we would lose our jobs and our homes. WE WILL NOT BE THROWN OUT OF OUR HOMES. WITH THE WORKERS WE WILL WIN OUR RIGHT. OUR HEADS HELD HIGH!”  The Unions call for escalation of SOLIDARITY WITH LARCO WORKERS Campaign in support with LARCO Workers with messages, videos or Photos of solidarity to   The post SOLIDARITY WITH LARCO WORKERS against 1200 layoffs appeared first on Πανεργατικό Αγωνιστικό Μέτωπο (Π.Α.ΜΕ.).

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