World Federation of Trade Unions

The World Federation of Trade Unions on behalf of its 105 million members who live, work and struggle in 133 countries of the 5 continents strongly condemns the Surcharge Tax Bill of the bourgeois government of Sri Lanka which constitutes -inter alia- one more attempt to loot the Employees’ Provident Fund ( EPF). The government aims to get its hands to the workers’ money and the biggest Social Security Fund in the country by taking advantage of the newly tabled Surcharge Tax Bill in combination with an act that was passed by the previous government that classify EPF as a company. We demand the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of the Surcharge Tax Bill and an end to the targeting of the workers’ social security funds as well as any attempt for further deterioration of the living standards, benefits, and rights of the working class of Sri Lanka. The World Federation of Trade Unions stands on the side of the class-oriented trade union movement and the people of Sri Lanka and expresses its full solidarity. We call upon the workers and the popular strata to join their voice with the class-oriented trade union movement of Sri Lanka and to massively oppose this new attack. The Secretariat

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