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SACP Gauteng calls for maximum unity of the ANC during the period leading its Provincial Conference 9 March 2022 The South African Communist Party (SACP) in Gauteng held a successful Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) Lekgotla over the last weekend, 5-6 March 2022 in Oupa Phasha District, City of Ekurhuleni. The Lekgotla was attended by members of the PEC, the Office Bearers of the District Executive Committees (DEC) and members of the Young Communist League of South (YCL-SA) in Gauteng province. Alliance partners, the African National Congress (ANC), Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) and South African National Civics Association (SANCO) delivered messages of support to the PEC Lekgotla. A key-note address was delivered on behalf of the 14th National Congress Central Committee (CC) by comrade Jenny Schreiner. At the heart of the Lekgotla was the assessment and analysis of the global, national and provincial class balance of forces at both the objective and subjective levels. This constitutes some of the various resolutions of the Lekgotla. In this context, the PEC Lekgotla pronounced as follows: 1) In its analysis of the objective contradictions in the province, the PEC Lekgotla proceeded from premise that following the 2021 Local Government Elections, the province is currently dominated in the Metros in the Cities of Johannesburg, Tshwane and Ekurhuleni by coalitions of extreme right-wing political parties that promote hatred and prejudice of one kind or another. Thus, the PEC Lekgotla agreed that many of these reactionary and right-wing parties promote hatred, based on racism either white or black, xenophobia and the hatred for foreign nationals. This includes backward ethno-nationalistic tendencies which promote tribal and regional based divisions. 2) The PEC Lekgotla agreed that most working-class households suffer extreme rates of poverty, unemployment and inequalities. This objective crisis is imposed on the working class by the capitalist system and the legacy of the Colonialism of a Special Type (CST) that has been exacerbated by the global outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. 3) The PEC Lekgotla further noted that the objective living conditions of the working class are ravaged by corruption and looting, e-Tolls, gender-based violence and violence against children, high rates of crime, the crisis of Eskom and poor supply of electricity, and now add to that the emergence of hostile municipalities. In this regard, the PEC Lekgotla resolved that these objective contradictions in their totality and dialectical relationship, whilst severe and very deep, do not at all constitute a defeat of the National Democratic Revolution (NDR), but rather pose a serious threat that may lead to its derailment. 4) At a subjective level, the SACP noted that whilst maximum unity is necessary and required across the revolutionary Alliance to face these sets of clear challenges, the divisive demons of factionalism and the slate market are already in full swing as the ANC prepares for its provincial conferences, particularly in our province of Gauteng. Already, media platforms and social media are awash with factional “road-shows” and slate branding that can only deepen confusion within the working class and the revolutionary people. Unrefuted media reports highlight two main factions at a provincial level, whilst there are many other countless factional brands at a regional level. While the SACP does not intend to enter factional battles of the ANC, we have a revolutionary duty and responsibility to thoroughly analyse and fully comprehend the political and ideological tendency these factions represent and their implications for the NDR and the unity of the Alliance. One such factional brand is formally and proudly tagging itself “Adiwele”. To this end, we have searched hard for historic revolutionary literature from exile, prison…

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SACP Gauteng calls for maximum unity of the ANC during the period leading its Provincial Conference