Taken from: In Defense of Communism

In a statement issued on Thursday 24 March, the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) underlines the necessity of Turkey’s disengagement from the “criminal and bloodthirsty terrorist organization” called NATO. 
The statement reads:

“Today, during the NATO Leaders Summit, G7 and EU meetings held in the first month of the Russian Federation’s military action against Ukraine, decisions for more support for Ukraine against possible nuclear and other attacks and new sanctions against Russia were issued.

The war that has been going on in Ukraine for a month means destruction for all the working people in the region on the one hand; on the other hand, it offers NATO an opportunity for further expansion on a golden platter and NATO is using this opportunity to the fullest. The United States and many European countries led by the United Kingdom, are transferring weapons and equipment to Ukraine. Using the recent developments as a pretext, this paves the way for amassing of weapons to terribly increase the presence of NATO in Eastern Europe, which has already turned into an arms warehouse in the recent years. Lastly, new combat forces will be deployed to four more countries. More armament and military investments are expected from NATO member states.

History has repeatedly shown that meetings held at the tables of imperialism and the agreements signed at those tables will not yield any results in favor of the peoples.

The signed text for the next decade is not an attempt to create a security and defense policy as its name implies but a policy for the Western alliance to raise its hand in imperialist competition, to gain more influence, to have more market share and opportunity for more exploitation.

We must put an end immediately to the false notion that a criminal and bloodthirsty terrorist organization like NATO, and structures thirsty for money and weapons, will bring democracy, freedom and peace. Every step that gives legitimacy to the arms race, including nuclear, means irreversible dangers for our future.

We don’t want our country to be part of these plans that will lead to more bloodshed all over the world. Turkey should leave NATO immediately.

Nuclear weapons are also stored at the Incirlik Base, which has been used by US imperialism for attacks on the countries in the region. At a time when NATO aggression is intensifying and Russia is intervening militarily in Ukraine, the Incirlik base poses a great threat to the people of Çukurova and the whole of Turkey. We don’t want nuclear weapons or a US base right next to us. Incirlik base should be shut down immediately. Our Çukurova organizations have started work to close the Incirlik base.

The only salvation of humanity is in the end of imperialist barbarism and construction of socialism!

Communist Party of Turkey.”


Source: In Defense of Communism